Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Land of $400 Sneakers

A very interesting read via Hypebeast about Brazil's streetwear and sneaker culture.  This is interesting because you get to see what it is to be a sneakerhead in a country where retail price can be twice as much as it is here in the states due to tax tariffs and shipping costs.

Other interesting point are how visible technology can showcase wealth.  Or how football apparel isn't as hot as you would think.  Take a read and learn a little more about Brazil.

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang and H&M collection.  When my eyes saw this collection I was literally in awe.  Just because the simplicity of the all-black everything theme and the contemporary designs were executed PERFECTLY.  

I love seeing collections like these because they inspire me.  Personally, these are the type of collection I'd love to design for ABSTRACQ.  Then to have a whistle ring?!  Designing objects and accessories so outside of the box is so inspiring to design-engaged minds like myself because they push the boundaries of what design is.

Click the link below to check out the entire collection because there are so much more!

Behind the Staple x Clarks Collaboration

Take a look at Jeff Staple describe what it took to design a collection for Clarks...genius.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Car of the Day

Ferrari F60...pure beauty and craftsmanship.  Convertible version of the F12 with 730 horsepower.  Only 10 were made and all of them are sold.  Price? $385,000...without additional options. 

Jeff Staple | Resurrecting A Ruckus

When art and design meets mechanics and receive this beautiful creation.  Watch how Alpinestars in Los Angeles collab with Jeff Staple to restore his 2002 Honda Ruckus.  Super dope.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adidas KZK ZX 750 RG 84-Lab "Pencil"

Simply of the most creative kicks you could possibly wear.  Designed in collaboration with Kazuki Kuraishi and Adidas, these have no choice but to grab your eye!  So creative...who'd of thought that pencil scribbles could look so good on a silhouette? 

These will be available for purchase at select Adidas retailers, End Clothing being one of them.  Would you rock?